Your Worth Is Not Your Weight

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Growing up as a plus size woman I used to think my weight was who I used to be. I wanted to lose wight not to feel good in my own skin but to feel worthy. Worthy of how others would see me or how I would get certain tasks in life done. One day. I realize how I was stopping myself  from living, from dating or even going to a club to dance because of how I thought I was going to be judge and talked about. This article is to help plus size l women know that their own happiness matters more than their weight and to stop comparing themselves to slimmer women. When will we as plus size women know that we are worthy with or without excess weight on our bodies It is very sad to see women today bury their happiness in the sand and carry the burden of depression and stress in their hearts all in the search of being skinny. What does skinny women have that we don’t have?

What happened to strength and power in women?

What happened to us?

Below are reasons why your self-worth is much more important than the extra weight on your waist.

Self-worth helps you realize your true self

When you are too busy comparing your weight with someone's else, you never grow as an individual. You take the focus off your life and crowd your mind with doubt and fruitless thoughts. You become too afraid to do something alone. You become too self-conscious. We hide behind our computer desks too afraid to

stand and be the leaders or do something for ourselves. We think they are not better. We mask our dreams, opportunities and the ability to contribute greatly to the society only because we allow negative thoughts to crowd our minds. If only you could let go of the insecurities and the fear of rejection which in most cases does not exist, we will do just fine. Be who you are and thrive to achieve more each day. There is great potential in you if only you knew to be yourself.

Self-worth helps you embrace who you are

The only way you will be able to love yourself and treat yourself well is when you know your worth. Yourweight has nothing to do with your worth or you loving yourself. Whether you are small or big bodied, learn to embrace who you are because your body does not determine a thing in your life. If you are a dreamer, dream big. If you are a leader, lead. Don't let your body get in the way of your dreams. Remember, your mind and your thoughts should lead you to greatness. Your weight has nothing to do with your life. So, embrace who you are. Love the way you look and by doing so, you are creating a chain of love and attraction wherever you go. So, stop hating yourself and start embracing who you are. The impact is wonderful.

Self-worth nurtures your confidence as a woman

The negative thing about having extra weight around your waist is low self-esteem. We shift all focus on us. We always think people are looking at us but, that is what we think not what people think. A woman who has no confidence cannot do anything in this world today. You cannot express yourself; you are prone to abuse and other mistreatments simply because you cannot stand up to defend yourself. Your weight should not determine your life. Always know that you are a human being worthy of respect and opportunities just like everyone else. You are no different. So, hold your head up and walk tall.

Confidence shows maturity and can earn you a spot among great men and women in the society. Many people call life a mystery where only the tough ones survive to see tomorrow. Weakness has no place in today’s world. Life gives us choice on a day to day basis. Each morning we have a choice to make whether to move ahead irrespective of our circumstances or stay where we are because of little things like our weight. Learn to be a problem solver and a knowledge seeker other than a complainer. Many women are complainers, and this is what drags them behind unknowingly. We complain instead of

seeking solutions to our problems. We blame our circumstances when things go wrong instead of taking a step back to determine where we went wrong in the first place.

Lastly, let us embrace and love ourselves the way we are. This way, we attract positive vibes in our lives. Let go of the fears, the insecurities and choose to be yourself anytime anywhere. It doesn’t hurt to be  dreamer, but it hurts to allow your life crumble before your eyes with mistakes that can easily be corrected. So, know your worth and start living!

Muriam Cinevert, Confidence & Success Coach



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