Shernitha Martin

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Shernitha Martin True Self Mag Power

Title:  Life Coach and Esthetician/Makeup Artist

Company: Shernitha

Tagline: Imagine the life that you want and make it happen

Shernitha Martin is a certified life coach who has a purpose to help you tap into your full potential, find direction and bring a strong sense of purpose and direction to your everyday life. She specializes in health and wellness and is passionate about helping others change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible to reach their goals.  Her belief is that everyone deserves the right to be healthy and happy with themselves inside and out.

Shernitha has been a licensed esthetician/makeup artist for 14years and is also a certified semi-permanent brow artist, lash tech and a body contouring specialist.  In order to achieve your goals and dreams you must align your self-image with the life you would love living. She enjoys making women look and feel beautiful to uplift their confidence.

Her company offers a full mind, body and beauty experience to help transform lives so that you can become the person you’re meant to be.

Question of the day: What is holding you back from getting the life that you want and deserve?

IG is @iamshernitha

 FB is Shernitha-Serchion Martin and @iamshernitha

Website launching week of June 15th



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