Saurel Quettan, Founder & CEO of exeQfit

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I work with high-integrity CEOs, business owners, and key executives who make a clear distinction between achievement and success. They are connected to a cause bigger than themselves. What makes them successful is their keen awareness of how fragile that connection is. Without that connection, you’re just another high achiever working on the next big goal.

As a Vistage Chair, I lead private peer advisory boards designed to help you strengthen and sustain your connection to what really matters to you. Over time, your choices in business and in life are more and more aligned with your purpose. Your work and your life make THE difference for your company, your family and your community. I am your partner in causing and living that kind of life.

I am the founder and CEO of exeQfit, Inc., the seat of my Vistage Chair, the home of a team of trusted advisors, and the source of expert-led workshops. My purpose is to improve the effectiveness and enhance the lives of CEOs, founders, owners, and key executives of small to medium-sized businesses. My methods, approaches and actions are firmly anchored in my values. I believe in …

 Trust: Faith in one another’s integrity

 Caring: Fully committed to one another

 Challenge: The courage to discover the truth

 Growth: Professionally, personally

The Members of my private peer advisory boards share the same beliefs and values. They represent a diverse cross section of industries, thought processes, and backgrounds. I am grateful for their partnership. My greatest acknowledgement is watching them create a confidential, non- competitive environment where they continually grow as leaders, make better decisions and deliver better results.

I’m  always looking for one or two new members from the Atlanta Metro area to join my private peer advisory boards. Looking to double your company’s growth rate while making a massive difference for others? My group is a good place to make that happen. Connect with me at:



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