Plus Size Lingerie of the Past – Understanding the Origins of Lingerie

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There has been a belief that lingerie is created for women who are petite and regular sized. Not many people pay attention to their history lesson. People do not really know but they owe the creation of lingerie to the plus size women of the Renaissance period. Corsets are one of the most well known fashion items of today and also, one of the first types of lingerie.

If you do your research, women in Renaissance Europe was mostly voluptuous and had with them a full figure. They were considered beautiful. Although this was true, corsets were created to help them emphasize their assets such as their rears and busts. With these corsets created from whale bones, their shape was formed. They easily gained access to the perfect body figure which was the hourglass shape.

Apart from attaining the perfect shape, women back then fantasized about having a certain asset highlighted. That period was also the time when curves were favored and cleavage was a great plus point for a woman to have. These corsets had the ability to push up the breasts giving women a cleavage whenever they would walk around in public.

In spite of the fact that women were able to get their favored appearance, there was a downside to these corsets. There were many instances when women, in order to get an hourglass shape, would have their corsets tightened. In the middle of the day, they would faint or collapse because of the restriction these bring to their bodies.

Later on, the corsets were remodeled into light weight items which also highlighted certain assets. Nonetheless, the belief that plus size women could wear this faded away. The point of this is that the myth about plus sizes should be set aside. As history has shown, women will full figures were considered very attractive.

Source by Erika Ayala



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