New to Leather Lingerie? Try This Technique

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When it comes to going out and buying clothing for your plus size body we know that it can be quite challenging, and, depending on where you live, can be almost impossible. Now things have come on over the last 10 years its much easier to find lingerie for the more voluptuous woman. I want to talk about a technique I used when I first started wearing leather lingerie.

Did you ever go to the cinema and watch the film Legally Blonde? In one part in the beauty store the lady was demonstrating the bend and snap technique of gaining some desirable attention. The technique described below is, I’m sure, known to us all in a way, but I am just going to show you one form of it.

Exploring the world of sexy BBW leather might be difficult to some and sheer ease to another. You ask yourself, when I have decided to buy some leather lingerie, how will I know my boyfriend or partner will actually think I look good in it?

Really, it’s not something you should generally surprise your boyfriend or partner with unless you know them like the back of your hand. If you have leather already or are excited and want to dive straight in, then you’ll probably want to try the tease and simmer technique.

I will give you an example; you have a hot, curve enhancing leather corset. If you’re not sure of your boyfriends’ reaction, disguise it under an open coat or top so it can be seen, but you can’t make out exactly what you have on. Plus it will create a mystique and curiosity in his mind. Your boyfriend will be staring at it through the entire date and it may arouse a comment, or you may get a clear image of what they are thinking about it. E.g can’t wait to take you home and see the complete package!

When it comes to a sexy leather bustier or revealing vinyl teddy, I would suggest wearing them after you have found out that your boyfriend is happy about the tamer leather styles. The tease and simmer technique would still work, but instead of teasing being the partial view of what you have on, maybe try this technique. Just before you head out, let your boyfriend know exactly what you have on under that elegant-looking outfit. That way it will be on his mind all evening and he will get a good impression of whats on your mind!

I would enjoy listening about how the Tease and Simmer technique worked for you.

Source by Cindy Walls



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