Mr. Klass

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Elwood Ingram Jr., a man of many talents but mostly takes pride in being a father of three beautiful young girls, Zebra, Zaryah and Alana. Elwood, better known as Mr. Klass, born in Baltimore, Maryland, is an artistic powerhouse of pure raw talent dating back to his high school years. He tuned into the fashion world at the early age of 10, displaying his love for modeling in various church organization fashion shows. After becoming the “star” he was called to be, he received much training which allowed him to expand his resume by gracing dozens of runways. Mr. Klass became a familiar name with designers, producers, photographers, and audiences everywhere. He always held himself to a distinct caliber, and that is where the name Mr. Klass originated. As he grew within the industry and respected amongst his peers, he later tapped into more of his talents, including acting, mentoring the youth, motivational speaking, and becoming the host of the hit podcast Helping Brothers Out. These ventures allowed Mr. Klass to soar and be the example that most do not see in the neighborhoods of Baltimore. 

Klass’s style and eagerness to be taught and learn more about the industry led him to receive training from renowned coaches from the Stampede School of Modeling. That alone gave him more motivation to take on the world one adventure at a time. He then went on to receive personalized training with the noted David E. Talbert, 21st Century Fox, Robi Reed, and Leah Daniels Butler. After countless hours of training, he had the privilege of starring in major runway shows with Macy’s, Shoe City, Nordstrom’s, and Downtown Locker Room (DTLR) as well as being styled by noted designers such as Dwight Eubanks, Kenny Kas Flanagan, and Baltimore’s own Travis Winkey. Mr. Klass is a dedicated father who also manages to keep up with acting in several TV appearances, including Fox 45, Love & Hip Hop New York and several music videos. He is extremely proud to have been recently announced the winner of “WAR” the world’s first virtual modeling competition. 

He refuses to give up, knowing that his daughters look to him, and they are his biggest inspiration. In the industry, Mr. Klass also finds inspiration from Steve Harvey and Sean Combs. They are the epitome of style, ambition, and the eagerness to go out and take what you want, all while uplifting and inspiring others in the process. Mr. Klass hopes that he will one day do the same and encourage others to look in the mirror and believe you are somebody because God doesn’t make any mistakes. 

TSM selection of MAN of THE MONTH is based on the distinguished selection of a male role model. Without a measuring bar he works effortlessly to complete all tasks, doing whatever is needed to strengthen all those around him with character, determination and fortitude. Elwood is by all case in point the perfect man to represent all twelve months within any calendar year. In truth, his passion fuels his inspiration. He has a strong passion to inspire others through his work of acting and modeling. Call it theatre therapy because his message is loud and clear, we can do whatever we put our mind and energy to. 

Sending the message to all that age, size nor disability limits your success if you really want it. The individual question becomes, are you hungry or starving for it? Surrounding himself with like-minded people keeps him grounded and the understanding of the power of his energy. Mr. Klass filters out negativity with positive affirmations and prayer. Mr. Klass is motivated by his 3 daughters, as the first man in their lives he fully understands the importance of being the example of where their standard bar needs to be regarding how a man positions himself in life. He not only teaches his daughters, but he learns from them as well. A humble man is one that never stops evolving and Mr. Klass is truly humble. He learns not just from 

his peers, but from his daughter’s as well as participants in the audience. His true achievement is hearing the feedback of hope found in authentically sharing his story in real time through his work. Never seeing his highs and lows as competition, yet a measuring of his growth and work to be done. 

Elwood thrives for the impact of positive outcome, not just for him, but for those watching him move in his calling. Never mind the number of views or likes, Mr. Klass cares of the number of people he helps, or reaches with positive affirmations. Empowerment is the real power, the art of persuasion to others not to stay down when knocked down. But to take the blow of life and find the strength or willpower to get back up and keep going. He integrates all that he does ensuring that it makes sense with relevance by being selective in the roles he accepts along with shows he chooses to partake in. For it is the message within the work he is featured in. Mr. Klass’ goal is to give an empowering experience to those watching him, so much that years to come the relevance will manifest the same significance. That’s when he knows that it makes sense. Without purpose the work and his presence mean nothing. Always strive for the profound impact. 

Without a doubt Mr. Klass is living his true self. Knowing that acting, modeling, mentoring and being a dad are permanent components of his life, the best experience is the connection to other people. Knowing that he is equally drawn to people as they are to him. Trusting the plan which God has for him and knowing that his heavenly father is just getting started. Always the optimistic he says every day on this earth is an opportunity filled with the possibility to learn, teach and more. There is a part of his success formula that is as important, if not more than talent or skill. That vital component is HABIT. When talent is lacking, habit will suffice along with propel his movement. The building of a healthy habit is why some people are crushing it in the game. There is no doubt that Mr. Klass has created habits of success, not just plans for success. It’s not about who knows more, who influences more, but consistency, persistence, purposeful intentions with passion and purpose because anything less is indeed “Uncivilized”.


Instagram: @menwith.klass

Instagram: @mreingram

Instagram: @helpingbrothersout.talkshow





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