Make Wonders With Plus Size Clothes – Accessorise With Style

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Dressing up is fun! As a little girl you may have dressed up your Barbie dolls in amazing frocks, and you may have even invaded your mother’s closet for her clothes and shoes. It is very natural for women to have this certain liking for fashion, but somehow along the way, the passion fades, along with the increasing waistline and bust size. Women are forced to believe that fashion is only for those who can fit into a size 8, but the truth is, the world is a runway and everyday you are strutting on your own catwalk – so be prepared!

One thing that makes dressing up even more fabulous, is of course, accessorising your plus size clothes. There are so many different things that you can incorporate to your wardrobe, and having the appropriate knowledge about this, could do wonders for you.

Are you ready?

1. Belts are good. If you plan to add a belt to your outfit, make sure that it is wide enough to hug your waist perfectly. The best combination for a belt would be to wear a long shirtdress and wider pants. The silhouette that this can create will be an hourglass shape, and will definitely make you look sexy.

2. Necklaces, especially choker necklaces, are okay, but you should make sure to leave a lot of space for you to breathe. It is also nice to add one more necklace pieces that are longer, to create the illusion of a longer torso.

Necklaces are good if you are wearing a plain top or a blouse with a bare neckline. Do not think about wearing a necklace if your blouse is already heavily beaded, as it will be too suffocating.

3. Earrings can also be a nice addition. Choose chunky, hoop, or long dangling earrings that can make your face look slimmer. Louder and bolder types of accessories are good if you are dressed-down, but the simpler ones will look better if you are already wearing a very dressy top or blouse.

4. Bracelets, with a large centrepiece or stone will look perfect, especially if you are wearing a short-sleeved top. This will make your arm look more flattering and will make your wrist look pretty.

5. Bags are a necessity more than an accessory. It is important to know, that for the larger woman, the size of the bag matters. Long, slim, and rigid bags will be perfect accessories. Oversized bags will only make you look chunkier, so be careful.

6. Scarves are more than an accessory, as they are also great for covering up. You can simply drape them around your neck, or place around your waist, to hide imperfections that you wish to conceal.

7. Of course, the shoes! Shoes can make or break the outfit, so shoe selection is quite critical. The trick is to add length to your legs, so never use ballet flats. Kitten heels are safe if you are quite frightened of wearing heels, but if you can strut with high heels, then this would be an ideal situation.

Always remember that dressing up is fun! You did it as a little girl and you can still enjoy it now.

Accessorise your plus size clothes and look your best, anytime, anywhere!

Source by Claire Armstrong



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