Joscynthia Mason

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Joscynthia Mason True Self Mag Power

Atlanta’s Elite Celebrity Hair Stylist

TSM:What is the hardest obstacle being a black female entrepreneur in Atlanta?

JM:  I think some of the hardest obstacles are balancing your family responsibilities and truly having reliable resources /associates .  I’ve been met with a lot of obstacles but if I had to pick any … those would be the hardest for me.

TSM: How do you define success? 

JM: I define success as just plain ole being in love with who I am, my gifts and  celebrating each accomplishment as they come. Truly taking a bite out of life …. chewing and enjoying the flavor of it!!

TSM: What was the most difficult task starting your own business? 

JM: The most difficult task of starting my own business was distractions and discouragement.  I allowed people who weren’t actively involved in starting or chasing their dreams give me their opinion(s) on what I needed to be doing.  Then I decided to mute them and went all in.

Joscynthia Mason True Self Mag Power

TSM How do you separate friendship in business?  

JM:  I separate friendship  in business?  I don’t !!!!! Business friendships or as I call it “colleagues”; should never involve your personal information or feelings. Business relationship should be encompassed with loyalty and partnership and compatible work ethics.  Being involved with people that  have the same amount of dedication and integrity is important! Make sure they benefit you and are valuable .

TSM: If you had to go back and change ONE thing about your journey, what would that be?

JM: If I had to go back to one thing in my journey and change it what would it be ???  I think never to be afraid to fail or give a care about what others say.  I feel discouragement is an evil tool!

TSM: How do select events to attend as a business owner that will be an asset to your company/brand? 

JM: Any event whether it’s socially or business has to contain direct and beneficial information  and connections that are in harmony with my goals. Where  you associate and where  you give your attention often describes who you are.

TSM: What is your recipe for starting over when you don’t reach a goal you’ve set for yourself? 

JM: Well the recipe for starting over when I don’t reach my goal(s).  I don’t start over LOL !!!! I just reset , review and refocus !!!!!! Sometimes you have to change your route not your destination and use another means of transportation! Okkkkk!

TSM: What would you tell women who are afraid to chase their dreams? 

JM: I’ll  say, “Girl stop with that foolishness!!  I need you to visualize ,write it down and get your tail to work!!!”

TSM: If you could work with ONE celebrity that you have not already worked with in the industry; who is your wish list celebrity to slay? 

JM:THE Angela Bassett.

TSM: Describe yourself in one word? 




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