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Jocelyn Bratton-Payne has been in the Behavioral Health industry since 1992. She has held various positions of leadership including being an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Jocelyn is currently the Sr. Director of Grace Medical Center (formerly Bon Secours) – Substance Abuse Programs where she is responsible for program management of a variety of treatment levels including but not limited to those of (Drug Free, IOP, OP, and MAT) along with Drug Court & Correctional Systems of Baltimore. As an experienced Director with a proven history of program enhancement, expansion, and fiscal growth. She ensures that every team member provides compassionate, quality driven and person-centered care that brings health and wholeness to every patient suffering from the disease of addiction and/or mental health disorders. 

Jocelyn has achieved expertise post grad education and professional training and the following certifications: Approved Supervisor, Associate Counselor (CAC), Acupuncture Detox Specialist (ADS) and Recovery Peer Supervisor (RPS). She is an active member of the Baltimore City Directorate, member of the Maryland Addictions Directors Council (MADC), The American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (AATOD), American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), The Fayette Street Community Outreach Association, South West Baltimore Crime and Grime Committee, Behavioral Health System of Care Workgroup. Lastly, she is an active participant on the Community Health Needs Assessment Workgroup & Implementation Planning. Jocelyn opens the line of communication between all clients, businesses, resource centers, students and all those she encounters because she understands the importance of one’s voice with respect to their autonomy. With over 28 years in both the private and public sector, 25 years of community service and outreach along with 32 years of mentorship, Jocelyn has experience in management consultation, team building, professional and personal development, strategic planning and implementation, organizational collaboration along with community outreach with service. Jocelyn has managed numerous projects within various organizations, educational institutions, along with spearheaded community needs missions and projects. She has coordinated and executed community outreach, treatment and organizational events such as: Health & Wellness Fairs, host a Holiday Meal, Employee Biggest Loser, Walking for The Cause, Beautify the Neighborhood with Trees, Adopt Families for Thanksgiving, Leadership Internship Opportunities, body movement therapy and more. Jocelyn prides herself on uplifting and empowering others with a focused passion on young girls and women. She teaches everyone not to be submissive, docile or fragile; yet strong, unstoppable, unbreakable and worthy. During her leadership internship program Dr. Nicole Wagner gained more than employment. Jocelyn improved my skills by challenging me, I gained a greater sense of professionalism, gained confidence in my career direction; so much so I furthered my education by achieving my Ph.D in Business Management with a focus in Organizational Leadership. By all definitions Jocelyn is a strong woman, she pays attention to what is going on within herself so that she can show up authentically for others. She has confidence rooted within along with a healthy understanding of who she is. Her self-awareness, assurance along with her ability to connect to others empathetically. She has always shown resilience but especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. While many were falling apart due to emotions, she consistently demonstrated resilience in the face of discouragement or sometimes defeat. She maintained optimism seeing defeat and disappointment as an opportunity to learn, grow and be better prepared for the next situation/opportunity. She embodies the patience of Jobe, in times of challenge she does not fear being the only woman at the table, and she does not mind fielding questions or help navigate the process. She exudes persistence through continued commitment to the betterment of others. 

Jocelyn seizes the opportunity to impact the world one person at a time in extraordinary ways. Each of us has a sphere of influence that we are investing in every day. We have the privilege to show up and lead with confidence and grace. Jocelyn Bratton-Payne is committed to doing so and leading strong! Self-confidence is a superpower, once you believe in yourself magic starts happening. Jocelyn Bratton-Payne True Self Magazine salutes you. It is an honor to share your gifts and talents with our readers. YOU ARE A TRUE POWER SPOTLIGHT! 

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