How to Look Good at the Beach, When You Are a Plus Sized Woman?

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Current fashion dictates that women should be impossibly thin and the stores are full of ill-fitting clothes that make the average woman feel overweight. What do you when you are a full sized woman and wondering how to carry yourself at the beach, in a swimsuit? Take care to highlight your best features in order to make yourself feel good; if you feel good about yourself, you will subconsciously project that, exuding confidence.

OWN your space:

Take pride in yourself and make an entrance whenever and wherever you go; people will automatically react positively because of your self-confidence. Think Queen Latifah or Melissa MacCarthy. Be happy in your skin, whatever size you are, and dress to highlight your positives. If you have a good bust line, highlight that tastefully. Invest in a good swim wear. There are many modern blends of lycra material that help you to look thinner around the middle.

Choosing swim wear:

In case of swim wear, just make absolutely sure that it fits you perfectly. It is important that you try out the beachwear before buying. You can wear a neutral color with a clever neckline that will draw the eye away from the middle. Go for halter necks, shoulder ties, knots, ruches and asymmetrical neckline swimsuits. These styles will draw the eye away from the middle section. Try the swim suit before buying and do not hesitate to buy swim wear of good quality of blended material that will give a better hold when trying to make you appear slimmer.

What to avoid:

If you try to wear something smaller and then end up suffering from a wardrobe malfunction, it will be disastrous. Try to avoid huge prints or very loud clashing colours; buy something with a splash of color across and down one side. For instance, if you are buying a brown or blue single piece, a bright splash of asymmetrical yellow or orange design will change the entire look of the costume. Be aware of what suits your body type and looks and dress accordingly to be comfortable. If you are comfortable in your skin, confidence will automatically follow.

Choose wisely:

Knowing what suits you and dressing accordingly can make you feel like a million bucks. Learn to identify the best colors for your skin tone and the best shapes for your physique. Even if you are a Curvy Kate, it doesn’t mean that you have to hide yourself away.

Be healthy; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Live life Queen size should be your motto. As long as you like looking in the mirror, nothing else matters. Be true to yourself, carry yourself with poise, confidence and grace, and you will wow people on the beach, whatever the size of your swimming costume!

Source by Uthra Sriram



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