How to Feel Beautiful and Confident If You Are Plus Size

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It is more challenging for plus size ladies to feel beautiful and confident when the images of beautiful gorgeous women portrayed in the mainstream media as super models who set the standards of beauty look nothing like them. How to be more confident and how to look beautiful if you are a plus size woman has nothing to do with how other people look at you or what other people think of you. Looking beautiful and feeling confident as plus size ladies is all about how you think of yourself.

Find Plus Size Women Role models

Queen Latifah and Monique are very beautiful sexy women who dare the media to think otherwise. Look at their make-up, stylish clothes and flirty attitudes. Queen Latifah is a Cover Girl with her one make-up line. Oscar winner, comedienne and talk show host, Monique wear sexy, fitted wrap dresses above her knees to show the world that plus size women can be very elegant, attractive and confident in her sexuality.

Build Self Confidence with these Affirmations:

Every night and every morning say this affirmation 3 times while looking in the mirror:

I am breathtakingly, mesmerizingly, captivatingly, intoxicatingly, irresistibly physically and spiritually beautiful. Both men and women are dazzled, stunned and spellbound by my extraordinary, unique, exotic beauty. I am the most beautiful woman in the world beyond compare.

I appreciate and recognize the beauty in others and they appreciate and recognize the beauty in me.

Change your Core belief about Body Size

If you have a negative tape in your head where you refer to yourself as fat or overweight and you say derogatory things about yourself, this is how other people will see you no matter how much make-up you wear or how much your plus size designer clothes cost. The way that you truly feel about yourself is how other people will see.

Take care of your Body

Building self-confidence comes from knowing that you eat a well-balanced healthy diet and that you exercise moderately each week. There is a huge difference between being overweight and plus size. An overweight person is a person who does not eat healthy and exercise. A plus size gorgeous beautiful woman is a woman who reasonably takes care of herself and this is the size that nature wants her to be.

How to Look Beautiful

Always make sure that your fingernails and toenails are manicured and polished. Wear beautiful bold, big earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Plus size ladies should see themselves as a luscious canvas begging for bold colors and excitement.

If you have nice legs wear dress or skirts that show the generous curves in your calves. If you have a nice cleavage wear tops that gently reveal its soft, round, feminine beauty.

Source by Cassandra George Sturges



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