Hard to Find Plus Size Coats

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As the air turns chilly and we start layering up, there is another thing that is added to our shopping list: the winter coat. However, not all people are created equal and neither are the clothing they wear. Specifically, plus size coats are much more difficult to find – especially fashionable coats.

In general, the plus size woman does not have it easy when shopping for something trendy to wear. It seems as if most clothing brand designers have banded together and decided that bigger size consumers do not have a sense of fashion. The gap between the selection of clothing for regular sizes and plus sizes is huge and extremely frustrating for the fashionable plus size woman. This is pretty obvious at the mall – just comparing the availability of clothes in both sizes gets you to realize pretty fast that the larger consumers are at a disadvantage. Even when these brands do offer plus size versions, it is not necessarily with the specific needs of a bigger built person in mind.

Fortunately, there are some companies that do get it and have created lines of fashionable clothing specifically suited to the plus size consumer. They do not regurgitate the same styles of their regular line; rather they design clothing like suits, pants, shirts and coats that compliment the figure of a larger size person. Some major brands have joined the bandwagon and offer different versions of their clothing line especially suited to the body size of their customers. These clothing lines that offer fashionable clothing that fit better have turned a whole group of frustrated shoppers into happy and loyal customers. In this day and age, this is an excellent move for brands that are looking to attract more shoppers to it, as customers show their appreciation not only by buying clothing from that brand for themselves, but become huge fans and recommend them to their friends and family too.

There are also many boutique stores and online stores that offer customized options for the plus size wearer. This may be good for some people that have very specific taste, but most shoppers like to be able to browse and then have the satisfaction of buying and wearing it right away. Sometimes the need for a specific item is more urgent, for example a special occasion dress or even the need for a plus size coat as the weather starts turning colder. The retailer that pay attention to the needs of their plus size consumers and offers a nice selection of coats and winter wear will end up winning the business of bigger built shoppers this winter.

Source by Lucy Greenswood



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