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Women looking for plus size Islamic clothing are usually faced with a dilemma. Usually they are required to sacrifice ‘choice’ in clothing and settle for whatever is available in the market in their size. Plus size clothing can be tricky, regardless of type. Especially Islamic clothing, which is made according to the guidelines laid down by the Islamic religion, in plus sizes can be incredibly difficult to procure.

Plus Size Islamic Clothing: Possibilities

When it comes to plus size Islamic clothing, the common perception is that women have a limited or fixed range to choose from. However, there exist a range of possibilities and benefits of such clothing that can actually complement larger sized women. These include:

Comfort: Long loose clothing is perfectly suited for harsher climates and keeps the wearer warm, as well as cool, depending on the demands of weather, climate and location. Needless to say, hot and dry climates are best faced in such clothing. Similarly, covering the head, neck and shoulders is an excellent way of keeping the sun at bay.

Silhouette: The flowing lines of such clothing can complement larger women by giving them a dignified and elegant silhouette. Since such apparel usually covers the entire body, or consists of articles of clothing that are draped over more than one body area. For example, a hijab covers both head and shoulders. This creates a more composite look that accentuates the profile instead of emphasising more negative aspects such as excessive body weight.

Style: Since there are guidelines, such clothing is thought to be based on ‘old-fashioned’ principles. The truth is that while it is required to be ‘modest,’ it does not need to sacrifice elegance, dignity and style. There are a number of styles that keep in mind traditional values without requiring the wearer to sacrifice beauty.

Fabric: Traditional approaches to such clothing have given way to more selection in terms of colour and fabric. Modern fabrics such as denim are replacing traditional cotton while embellishments such as embroidery are added to create a sophisticated yet modest look.

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