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By Violesia Style Coach & Style Tour Guide

Last year was definitely an eye opener, we were confronted with dealing with things, people, and even ourselves head on. We went from school meetings, after school programs, school performance, a somewhat social life, and working outside the home. Into the position of a principal, hall monitor, social worker, cook, and our children’s main influencer in a matter of seconds. Yes, Last year was a whirlwind! But we can’t go without saying that last year also rendered so many opportunities, valable connections and life lessons. Honestly 2020 felt like a bomb that dropped on everyone. The bomb left residue of fear, lack of confidence, excuses, procrastination, and every other obstacle that presented itself. If you have found that you’ve gotten to the end of this paragraph…


you have made it through 2020!

Hey, Hey and Happy New You! I am Violesia Style Coach & Style Tour Guide. Fashion creative here at True Self Magazine. When I am not being a Super-Mom to my three children, I’m coming up with creative ways to serve women by helping them add layers to their self-confidence and creativity, through fashion and style. When it came to putting this look together, we used our Fashion Quick Fix method. First, we started by creating a personalized style profile to outline options for our look. When we were creating this look, we were going for a trendy vintage chic vibe that would be ideal for an early evening stroll through the Historic Fells Point District. We decided that we would begin building an expressive look that would be perfect for Waterside Fells Point. This area is known for its small galleries, and boutique style shopping experiences, so it was the perfect backdrop for this One-sided Feathered Pink pant, found at Styled 4 U Boutique located in Pikesville, Maryland. This pant was a perfect addition to the expressive culture that you will commonly find in the Fells Point area in Downtown Baltimore. By making this piece the foundation of the look we knew that we would need to soften the appearance of our very flashy pant choice. We decided to pair these hot pink One-Side feather pants with this black and white oversized knitted sweater. We wanted to add a personal touch by pulling our Knit sweater a little off the shoulder to create a more chic appearance. To keep with the theme, we finished the look with a pair of Vintage suede black peep toe heels with silver details from the luxury designer, Elie Tahari. This luxury find was part of our Thrifty Thursday series, where we were on a hunt at The Salvation Army store located in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. We thought it would be great to play around with the accessories for this look. We stopped into one of our favorite spots in Fells Point, London Couture Boutique, for a little dress up. We added this Purple French burette for a pop of color and added style, a pair of Oversized framed glasses, and an optional fur for a trendier look. You can always switch out the accessories to create the look that best fits your style. 

Here are a few tips for creating an expressive style all your own:

  • Identify your statement piece and build on it: Creating an expressive style profile can be a little trying if you have not identified your focal point. Pulling colors or patterns that are complementary to this item will help you achieve a well-rounded look that will be sure to turn heads.
  • Build your style board to create a road map for your expressive look: This process can be very fun! Creating a visual that will give a variation of looks to build upon, can help you visualize your look and reduce your try on time. By doing this step you will learn what articles of clothing are complementary to both your body and the look you’re wishing to achieve.

Here is a bonus:

Use Canva to build your style board using your favorite images such as blouses, pants,

accessories that you located from an online boutique and or department store.

  • Identify the occasion to create a style that is fitting: An occasion can be anywhere from a dinner date, social gathering with friends or a meeting with a potential client. Identifying the occasion will help you show up looking your best while letting your personality shine through.
  • Pair your statement item with a more casual item:

You don’t want to make the mistake of overwhelming your viewers with too many colors or patterns. Pairing your expressive items with a more muted opposite will help level the playing field and keep your viewers eyes on the prize pieces.

  • Don’t be afraid of pairing high ticket items with your thrift store finds.

Don’t sleep when it comes to the Thrift store! The next time you are out on town be sure to add one to your list of places to pay a visit. Your eye’s will drop when you see some of the high-end pieces you can find for a fraction of the price. We recommend visiting the thrift store in early morning or mid-day on a Monday and Tuesday. That way you will get access to the amazing gems before anyone else.

Bonus: When you find yourself at a Goodwill Store be sure to join the Club Goodwill membership. It’s FREE to join and for every dollar that you spend you earn one point. Once you reach 100 points, you receive $10 off your next purchase, additional points on your birthday and plus exclusive invites to special shopping events and so much more. How is that for shopping on a budget!

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