Faith & Believe During The Pandemic Of Covid-19

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By Dr. Rhonda Travitt

We are in a crisis in this nation and it is extremely urgent that we have accessible the necessary tools to progress past this Covid-19 pandemic. There are many people who are struggling with different forms of fear, anxiety, anger, helplessness and uncertainty. Constantly asking themselves and others will things ever go back to normal or perhaps what will our new normal look like? This is where Transformation of a Nation comes in. You are probably thinking exactly what is that and how does it work? Transformation of a Nation is a movement that assists those that are voiceless, who also feel they have lost hope giving them a more successful life through coaching, mentoring, assisting with job placement, counseling and faith. We believe that there is potential in all of us and we maximize their potential by providing emotional support and empowering them to believe and dream again. Millions have been affected as a result of this pandemic.

Our way of life now changed, impacting our jobs, limiting basic necessities, social distancing and the stay at home orders now in place. These restrictions have also become a magnifying glass to preexisting issues such as depression and addictions. We must take advantage of this time by allowing ourselves to be healed mentally and emotionally as well as recover mentally and emotionally from the traumatic mark the Covid -19 pandemic that has left on our society. It is going to take faith and belief that we will recover as a nation, trusting and being patient in the process combined with professional counseling to overcome this Pandemic. I say with confidence that we can, and we will overcome because we’re very resilient.

This has been a time of reflection for many of us, pondering questions like what will we do differently now that our lives and the way we knew it has dramatically changed? What will we take away from all of this? There is always something greater in great, meaning each person possess the ability to bring change, but not everyone is willing to change. Once an individual connects and accepts change, what then begins to form is the ability to love themselves. People are capable of dealing with situations and circumstances effectively providing they discover their self-worth and value.

Transformation of a Nation transforms one person at a time through self-help and acceptance becoming someone that they only would have dreamed to be. Our mantra is: Listening, Learning and Loving one person at a time. When one individual receives the answer and help, they desired in life, then they become the answer for someone else to change their life. Lives change one by one transforms a nation, thus Transformation of a Nation!



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