Dr. Rhonda Travitt – Cover Girl May Issue

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Dr. Rhonda Travitt is a noted author, entrepreneur, certified life coach, and professional counselor.  A celebrated international speaker, Dr. Travitt has a passion through a practical and Biblically sound approach to empower the life of the everyday believer and help restore them to proper spiritual health. The founder of Restoring the Years Global Ministries in Marietta, Georgia, she genuinely engages her past experiences and openly shares her heart with those seeking an empowered and fulfilled life. Her commitment to reach the lost expands beyond the lines of age, nationality or gender. 

She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Christian Counseling from Christian Bible Institute & Seminary in Houston, Texas. Dr. Travitt is a professional clinical member of the National Christian Counselors Association and a Christian Certified Counselor of the International Association of Christian Counseling Professionals. She is president of Rhonda Travitt Ministries and Rhema Bible Institute and Seminary, both in Marietta, Georgia, and also the founder of Game Changers Re-entry & Mentorship Program.

Dr. Travitt is executive producer and host of Straight Up No Chaser Talk Show which can be seen on Comcast. Additionally, she serves as chancellor and founder of The Apostolic and Prophetic School of Inner Healing & Deliverance, a Christian university that trains deliverance ministers and five-fold ministers, and specializes in training on the art of spiritual warfare.  

In 2018, Dr. Travitt marked the release of the second edition of her book “Rejection and Rebellion: The Twin Towers,” which, since its original 2012 release, has proved an invaluable resource for counseling professionals as well as for those seeking self-help. Seeing a need to restore God’s people back to proper spiritual health, Dr. Travitt was inspired to open a professional counseling and life coach practice, The National Empowerment Professional Counseling and Life Coach Association.

TSM: Is the Coronavirus being part of the end of the world?

DRT: Personally, in everything I do and every day I wake up could be the end of my own world or the world as a whole. Certainly, if we don’t take care of self, each other and the world on so many levels could bring us to an abrupt end. There’s not one thing only that’s destroying our world such as Covid-19.

TSM: Does the bible speak of the Coronavirus? Is so where can we find this passage?

DRT:The Bible does not speak of the Coronavirus particularly. The Bible speaks of wars, famines and so many plagues. Coronavirus specifically by name, it does not.

TSM: Why does God allow such harmful things to happen?

DRT: God does not cause these things but He will allow and use even the most difficult situations for His purposes to propel us into His perfect will. We all will have many questions, but one thing is for sure, He is God alone! We can all attest that some of the most hurtful times in life produced in each one of us a stronger and better person. I can definitely say that about my life. I don’t question God anymore in my life. I do my very best to trust the process and watch the progress that manifests.

TSM: What would you say to Christians who may be feeling emotionally overwhelmed right now?

DRT: I would say to not only Christians but to people as a whole who may be feeling emotionally overwhelmed that there is no quick fix or formula. Identify first how your own personal development has progressed in the mist of the pandemic. An individual must be very transparent with where they are currently mentally and with what’s going on emotionally, this is very important. It’s important to have a good support system set in place to begin the process of being mentally and emotionally restored. We begin as individuals and then collectively one person at a time becoming healthy and restoring one another.

TSM: How can people fight the Coronavirus Fears?

DRT: In order to successfully fight Coronavirus fears we must approach it with a proper and healthy perspective. We must accept we’re not in control of anything except for the way our minds process for the future during this time.

God is ultimately in control. We must be confident even in our daily routines before we come out of our homes to find a positive in what seems to be an insurmountable negative situation. We must ask ourselves pertinent questions such as, how are you evolving as a person in Covid-19? What did you learn during social distancing about yourself and others? If you have focused on fear of the unknown then the fear becomes the master you will meet when you come outside of your home again. I don’t necessarily believe in fighting the fear of coronavirus. I believe that being intentional to focus on your destiny and future takes precedence over unproductive negative processing.

TSM: How does one identify a true prophet?

DRT: One identifies a true prophet by their character, and not just the gift. Ultimately the things that are prophetically spoken will line up with biblical doctrine.

TSM: Is being a prophet a gift from God or a learning spiritual tool?

DRT: The prophetic office is a gift from God. Prophetic words and overflow can be gained by being in the presence of prophetic people or in a prophetic environment. This can also be obtained through understanding and desiring the spirit of prophecy as spoken of in the bible.

TSM: Do all prophecies always come to pass?

DRT: Prophecy fulfilled is contingent upon obedience to the instructions. A prophet can release a word to an individual but it is up to that individual to believe and to obey to see the manifestation of that word.

TSM: What aspect of the ministry you most dislike?

DRT: If there were anything, I would have to say the lack of regard for the Pastor’s humanity. What do I mean? So very often we as Pastor’s counsel and listen to a lot of issues with a large variety of complexities. I myself do not judge the individual or the situation. However, if a Pastor shows their pain or has a real HUMAN moment or crisis it’s almost forbidden and frowned upon. We’re expected to be superhuman with super powers. Pastor’s often do not get the love and compassion that they give daily to the congregation and that’s painful for most of my colleagues.

TSM: How do you feel your true self is being manifested in your line of work?

DRT: My true self is being manifested in my line of work by me having a love and a passion to assist in helping to restore people back to Spiritual health. I love building and encouraging individuals to reach their destiny in life through coaching, mentorship and simply dealing with past hurts. Unresolved past hurts and experiences are extremely detrimental to anyone’s future regardless of how successful we may view them.

TSM: What advice would you give any woman who wants to get into ministry/pastoring?

DRT: My advice to any woman being called into ministry is do not compromise what God has called you to do. There will be many occasions when others are willing to assist only if you change who you are authentically. Be strong and simply be who you were purposed to be. Remain teachable and never feel you have arrived. Keep evolving into the very best you!



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