MAN of THE MONTH is the distinguished selection of a male role model. Without a measuring bar he works effortlessly to complete all tasks, doing whatever is needed to strengthen all those around him with character, determination and fortitude.

James Makings

I went from being a very skinny kid, to being a chubby teen almost overnight, so my relation with my body as massively conflicted. I always felt uncomfortable, and as thought everyone was judging me constantly. I was always told “its puppy fat, it’ll go on its own” and I think that denial stopped me



ACTOR, PRINT & RUNWAY MODEL Born and raised in Kansas City Kansas. Graduated high school and college. Moved to Atlanta GA in 1988 where he discovered his gift of teaching. Teaching with the emphasis on bettering the lives of others.  Entered the transportation field as a driver; then as an instructor. Traveled the country helping


Travis Cure

A veteran of the United States Marine Corp, Travis Cure is a Miami born Actor and Model, he moved to Atlanta in 2013, and it wasn’t long before he was approached by a photographer about modeling. Travis spent long days doing fashion shows for free, working trade shows and modeling for photographers just to get


Saurel Quettan, Founder & CEO of exeQfit

I work with high-integrity CEOs, business owners, and key executives who make a clear distinction between achievement and success. They are connected to a cause bigger than themselves. What makes them successful is their keen awareness of how fragile that connection is. Without that connection, you’re just another high achiever working on the next big


Mr. Klass

Elwood Ingram Jr., a man of many talents but mostly takes pride in being a father of three beautiful young girls, Zebra, Zaryah and Alana. Elwood, better known as Mr. Klass, born in Baltimore, Maryland, is an artistic powerhouse of pure raw talent dating back to his high school years. He tuned into the fashion