Bettynah Dely

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SHNS is a woman who understands that sexy is not a size, but a feeling linked to her thoughts and actions. She has learned that self-love is a journey of building self-confidence which she embodies unapologetically. 

Model: Bettynah Dely

Size: 16/XL

Hometown – Port Au Prince Haiti, currently reside in PG County, Maryland

Occupation: Photographer, Owner of Bee Beautiful Photography #beautifullyinspired

Best Features: My smile, my lips, my eyes, my thighs and my breast

What makes you feel sexy: When I take care of myself by exercising, and good eating I feel and look my very best. It is the most powerful feeling of being in charge of your life, health and well-being

How can people contact you via social media email, phone, etc.? 

 Instagram: Bee.beautifulphotography
 Facebook: Bettynah Dely
 Phone: (443) 470-2288  


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