Are You Insane If You Wear Creepers?

Creeper shoes, otherwise known as brothel creepers or plain old creepers, are an acquired taste. Or not. The truth is the bulk of the population would probably not wear these shoes. They’re big, bulky and look like slippers on wedges. They don’t often have a very professional experience and can appear borderline hideous to the untrained eye. The truth of the matter is most members of the human species would not be the least bit interested in creepers.

However, there is a small subset of folks which adores these shoes. This segment of the population lives its life by different rules. This subculture is dark and listens to alternative music, whether gothic, punk, industrial or ethereal. Its members wear dark clothes, appreciate dark art and read dark literature. Some of them have more than one pair of creepers in their closets.

How did creepers become popular even in this small population? Legend has it that soldiers stationed in Africa during World War II began to wear these shoes. From there they moved to London where they became really popular in the 1970s. Because of their unique look, subcultures like the ones above grabbed them up. Eventually they gained popularity in the U.S.

Creepers may be worn by alternative folks, but what if you’re a regular John or Jane Doe and want to venture out and do something rebellious. You want to be unique. You want people to fawn over the otherwise simply-dressed girl who is wearing these huge, bulky shoes? However, more important than looking cool, is comfort. Are these shoes comfortable? For the most part, they are comfortable, although the degree of comfort may vary based on the particular pair or brand. They usually do not come in half sizes, so you have to either go up or down a size if you wear a half size.

How about the ugly factor? Are these shoes sure to get you laughed at? Believe it or not, they are not ugly. They are unique and some people won’t like them. However, some of them have a professional appearance. Some of the men’s creepers look like regular dress shoes except for the elevated wedge. So in an environment that has a corporate casual dress code, you can wear a dressier, less over-the-top creeper to work. You can even wear some to your parent’s house without intense scrutiny.

Source by Cyn Smith

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